When I was little, I used to wait all year for the revelation of our Annual exam schedules because most often, exams smack us right in the middle of the most important celebration of our lives: HOLI! Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”. To us, Holi meant holidays and lots of colours and water balloons and fun with… Read More

Girls with ambitions, opinions and a voice of their own are termed ‘modern’ and ‘too educated’ and ‘not in touch with their culture’. These girls are the brand new batch of ‘modern indian girls’ who are termed selfish and sadistic by the society, because they are conscious about their career choices more than their culinary skills. These girls, are girls like me. I have always maintained that this blog is close to… Read More

প্রবাসী দুর্গা : The Durga that resides in all of us. After a whole year of waiting, Durga puja is finally here. With Durga Puja, comes channeling your inner Bengali through your new dresses and make up and food. Food is one of the most important things in a bong’s life, but trust me, I have tried every diet that is out there, but I just can’t go through a day without… Read More

First beginnings of everything starts with the power of a mind. What is being a Bengali without Durga Puja? And what is Durga puja without all the hype and excitement for two months because……… ‘Ma aschen’. Ma Durga has always been associated with Nari Shakti, and even people who don’t believe in God admit that there is some spiritual force that guides us in our toughest times. Those people close to me… Read More

Hello everyone! I know it would sound weird when I say this, but even though it’s raining everyday here and the weather looks metaphorically amazing, I have never liked monsoon or winters much. I like to keep my body attuned with the sun, and any day without sun makes me feel lazy like crazy. Plus, outdoor shots are almost impossible when it is raining uncontrollably outside. So, me and this amazing person Subhrojit… Read More

The central theme of this post, in my opinion, should be my love for boutique dresses. The idea of owning something which comes in only one piece feels very vain, yet exciting. 😛 The only downside of splurging on boutique dresses is the hefty price tag. Like this red lehenga-salwar kameez hybrid that I bought last year for my school farewell function, finding the ‘right one’ when it comes to The Dress… Read More

  | Silence of the darkest hearts | SShhhhhh…… Don’t say a word. Don’t move. Can you hear it? Listen to the deep darkness churning inside my heart, and understand how much I cherish it as a gift… For darkness, is light in disguise… You only need to have, an open mind to recognize it. – Shreshtha Chakraborty   | Thoughts in love | If after opening your eyes  to the morning… Read More

Year end review has been trending for a few days; courtesy to New Year Eve. 😛 So, while I got my fingers hurt from typing endlessly on people’s wall, my mind got a new idea as a New Year/Christmas present. My 2015 experience has been one of the most (read that in caps) enriching experience of my life. There have mostly been downs than ups, but as always, 31 December always brings… Read More

Hey guys. I have been off the hook for quite a while now, but yeah, I am back with a bang. 😀 Meanwhile, although I was not much active in blogging, I had received an email from one of my readers which caught my eye. The content of her mail stood out because it matched with my mindset. Often people associate fashion with luxury; it is a common misconception that to be… Read More

I personally believe the fact that every person in the world should have time on her hands to indulge in reminiscent memories.  Owing to the perfect weather and my favourite pizza in hand, I couldn’t help but go back to my happy childhood memories. If you ask people about me (who know me well), the first thing that they would say about my childhood would be: “She was a hardcore barbie fan”…. Read More