Barbie Mania

I personally believe the fact that every person in the world should have time on her hands to indulge in reminiscent memories.  Owing to the perfect weather and my favourite pizza in hand, I couldn’t help but go back to my happy childhood memories.

If you ask people about me (who know me well), the first thing that they would say about my childhood would be: “She was a hardcore barbie fan”. I guess all girls are, but I was absolutely crazy. I collected CDs as soon as they hit the racks and played online barbie video games. Even now, as I am going to hit 18, I still can’t shed off my crazy obsession with Barbie.


Most people ask me, since having started my fashion blog, about my style inspirations. Now, you would be rolling off laughing if I tell you the truth, but yeah, a lot of my ideas have stemmed up from fantasizing about Barbie’s look in every movie. Come on, who wouldn’t want to achieve that perfect hourglass figure? (Although the trending news is that, there IS a human real life Barbie: Valeria Lukyanova).


While there is a common conception among people that Barbie movies are just nonsense, time pass material, I beg to differ. Because it is from these movies that I have learnt a great deal about life (even if it sounds childish), but yeah, these are the western version of thakuma’r jhuli. Even now if you feel sad or down, I guarantee a boost in your spirits if you sit with a bowl of popcorn in front of a Barbie movie.


We all get down to stage of metamorphosis. While that meant a transition from Barbie movies to Hannah Montana and Harry Potter for me, it is different for different people.

IMG_6193-001 IMG_6190-002

But even now, a huge part of my life is dominated by my collection of CDs that keeps me company. And even if people call me crazy or childish, I don’t care. This is that one thing that I won’t let go ever in my life. 😛

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