Shimmer and glitter

Hey guys.

I have been off the hook for quite a while now, but yeah, I am back with a bang. 😀 Meanwhile, although I was not much active in blogging, I had received an email from one of my readers which caught my eye. The content of her mail stood out because it matched with my mindset. Often people associate fashion with luxury; it is a common misconception that to be fashionable, you have to possess a bank account bigger than what your purse can hold. But personally, fashion doesn’t define that. Fashion is what you make it to be.

So, keeping that in mind, I decided to do a shoot where I am wearing very affordable clothes, which anyone can buy without burning a hole in their pockets. I got the black top and the shimmer pants from Pantaloons to create a perfect, not-over-the-top, chic yet fashionable party wear. True, that it cannot come into leagues of a LBD, but it would be perfect if you want to carry a look that is not ‘too much’.

The shimmer pants is what that is the most catchy feature in the total outfit. I paired it with a poncho-type black top and a cute flower hairband. Also, I recently picked up a ring watch (which is super cool, by the way) from Claire’s this month. I styled it with this outfit because it kinds suits the setting (simple yet elegant 😉 ).

I have been bit by the winged eyeliner bug for quite a few months and now you will almost never see me without my eye properly done. Going all-out Taylor Swift, I put on a bright red lipstick to complete the look.

You can see the oufit below:

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