1. Silence-001


| Silence of the darkest hearts |

SShhhhhh…… Don’t say a word.

Don’t move.

Can you hear it?

Listen to the deep darkness churning inside my heart,

and understand how much I cherish it as a gift…

For darkness,

is light in disguise…

You only need to have,

an open mind

to recognize it.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


2. Thoughts in love-001

| Thoughts in love |

If after opening your eyes 
to the morning sky,
his face crosses your mind 
way before…
you remember to breathe.
And every time you feel the breeze,
You think about his fingertips 
across your face.
And his voice in a whisper,
his scent in your nose.
his love in your heart.

You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

3. desires that is craved-001

| Desire that is craved |

Light, shy away from me…

I don’t want your brightness,

to dim the deepest desires of my heart.

Desires that burn to the bones…

Desires that don’t let me sleep at night…

Desires that have no beginning and no end.

No explanations.

No place for the light to enter.

Only darkness.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

4.Does he love you-001

|Does he love you too |

If it is magic, it is love.
It is love if it is hope.
And if your universe expands
and your heart melts…
And he makes you smile,
like his life depends on it.
And he looks at you,
Like you are something he has never seen.


He is in love with you, too.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


5. twisted lust-001

| Twisted lust |

As the night comes to haunt me,

with it’s silence and torturing memories.

I lay in bed and think about you.

And of her.

And how her touch could erase

all those nights I spent

stroking your face, just so you can sleep,

soothing your nightmares…

Is it not what you wanted?

Does she give you what you want?

Can I try it, too?

The way she touches you?

Shreshtha Chakraborty


6. treat for my eyes-001

| Treat for my eyes |

If your eyes find themselves,
fixated on things that relate to him. 
The way his lashes.. 
curl to frame his eyes.
And the curves of his lips…
when they smile.
The world blurs around you,
when you’re with him,
What matters…is….
the feel of his arms on your waist…
What matters is, appreciating 
the beauty of the stars.
In silence.
What matters is,
You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty 


7.Sun and the moon-001

|Sun and the Moon|

You say you are the moon,

and I am your sun.

But darling,

They never meet.

They never stay together….

And I would rather be the tides

Rushing closer to you

on every full moon,

or be the wolf,

lusting for your beauty

from far away….

But even then you’ll always find me,

with you. Beside you.

Loving you.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


8. love and misery-001

| Love and misery |

If you are terrified of,
a day without him.
And every second feels like light years
filled with despair. 
And the clocks tick too slowly,
when he’s not here.
And the clocks tick too fast,
when he’s around…
You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


9. shadows-001

| Love for shadows |


The monster inside me,

now has a name.

I do not fear it anymore.

I control it.

I have spent too many nights

drowning in the shadows,

swimming through the darkness,

to learn to control my demons.

And now I own it. I possess them.

Now, I am standing in the sun,

Standing tall and strong.

No, I haven’t abandoned my demons. No.

I have brought them with me.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


10. repentance-001.jpg

| Repentance |

If you feel a stab in your heart,
every time his eyes leak,
for something you did.
And all you want to do is take him,
in your arms,
and give him all the love he wants….
And if you would crawl over 
broken glass
just to see him smile again.
You. Admit it. 
You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

Photography by: Subhrojit Dey 

Find more of his works: Florade Photography


20 Comments on “Moods

  1. damn this something impressive,attractive and great … woooowww !! u r a wonderful writer 🙂 and u have a bright future ! continue impressing us all with such beautiful works . 🙂


  2. All of them were awesome…. Especially your pics
    ……you look absolutely stunning and gorgeous…..


  3. Seriously ami tor blog ta 1st time dekhlam.
    The work is pretty awesome.


    • Thank you so much! 😀 I hope you like the rest of the stuff too and keep on supporting! 😀


  4. Lovely dear!!! Ur poetry.. The feel in ur lines… Ur pic.. Amazing… Awesm!! Appreciated!! 👏👏👌👌👍👍


  5. Outstanding,magnificent,incredible,splendid……. adjectives are overflowing out of my bag but still not think its sufficient……..just got spellbound……..kudos to ur
    distinctive initiative and all my best wishes are with you 🙂


    • Dhonnobad, Mimi! I hope I dont disappoint you with my future posts !


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