The Jewel Thief

Hello everyone!

I know it would sound weird when I say this, but even though it’s raining everyday here and the weather looks metaphorically amazing, I have never liked monsoon or winters much. I like to keep my body attuned with the sun, and any day without sun makes me feel lazy like crazy. Plus, outdoor shots are almost impossible when it is raining uncontrollably outside.

So, me and this amazing person Subhrojit Dey (and a massively talented photographer) decided to create something unique and interesting; something that I have never seen any fashion blogger I have come across yet.

On one rainy afternoon, when we were trying to decide what to feature in my next blog post, the idea of doing a post on various types of jewelry from my collection popped into our minds.  And after that, there was no stopping us. 😛

We have put in a lot of hardwork and effort into thinking of the best ways to portray the jewelry shown here. A lot of people just appreciate the pictures, but tend to underestimate the huge amount of hardwork that goes into creating art like this! So do show your love and comment to let me know if our hardwork paid off!

Also, stay tuned for more! 😉

Pictures by: Subhrojit Dey / florade Photography














9 Comments on “The Jewel Thief

  1. Awesome… Spcly the chemistry btw your sexy lips n the beautiful ring😍


    • 😀 Now fingers crossed that the jewelry will come about to love me more!


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