Nari Shakti

First beginnings of everything starts with the power of a mind.

What is being a Bengali without Durga Puja? And what is Durga puja without all the hype and excitement for two months because……… ‘Ma aschen’.

Ma Durga has always been associated with Nari Shakti, and even people who don’t believe in God admit that there is some spiritual force that guides us in our toughest times. Those people close to me know how much of a turmoil my personal life has been this past year. In those times… during those dark days…. that unknown presence had been my support. Believing in God is not just for show off….. It’s a personal choice. There are a few people who shame me for it, but I have found an inner strength and peace that can’t be put into words. When everyone leaves you, you think you are alone. But you aren’t. God is always with us, watching us… putting obstacles in our path to make us stronger, and helping us when the load becomes too much. God helps those who help themselves.

This year, I decided to visit Kumortuli in Kolkata, where God is made by a man’s own hands every year (in a literal sense). Like they say, the makers that made us are made by us. It’s a wonderful place and ethereally captivating in every way. What attracts most is the aura that surrounds the place and no matter how much you try, you get pulled into it.




Outfit details:

Bong girls love to dress up often, and I was in the mood, so I decided to go all traditional. I am wearing a Resham silk saree and a pearl set for my accessories. I feel pearls are the most understated when it comes to jewelry. Everyone’s running after gold or diamond, but a single pearl can light up your personality like you can’t imagine. Also, I put on my ring watch that I got from Claire’s to add a touch of modernity. The untamed curls in my hair was done by braiding my hair into small sections and heating it with a blow dryer and leaving it overnight.




















After the most darkest night comes the brightest day, and a little sorrow is needed to help us appreciate the happiness in our life. So, when tough times take over your life, remember not to succumb to it and stay strong and have faith in God.

Photography by: Subhrojit Dey 

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