|| The Probashi Durga ||

প্রবাসী দুর্গা : The Durga that resides in all of us.

After a whole year of waiting, Durga puja is finally here. With Durga Puja, comes channeling your inner Bengali through your new dresses and make up and food. Food is one of the most important things in a bong’s life, but trust me, I have tried every diet that is out there, but I just can’t go through a day without bhaat-daal-aloo posto, although my thakuma always joked that I was the black sheep of the family because I don’t like eating fish.

The look I tried in this blog post is that of a perfect Bengali woman in the most common Bengali environment settings. ‘Pujo’ is another important thing in our lives, and we have all grown up spending our years enjoying the holidays for never ending pujas. 😛



So, I am wearing my grandmother’s ‘Gorod saree’, it felt so delicate and soft that it didn’t even feel like I was wearing one. I styled it in the ‘atpouri way’. For this look, as I wanted a full Bengali look, I decided to put on my hair extensions from Bellami hair (you can visit their website from the link) for that fuller and longer mane which I don’t have because I keep cutting my hair short.

One of the other most amazing thing about durgapuja is the wide stretches of kaash phool. Believe me, when you drive down the highway and see these wide fields of pure white kaash phool dancing in the wind, it is sight to behold.













Also, for this shoot, we went out of our comfort zone and decided to shoot at Princep Ghat on the boat ride across Ganga because it’s basically a dream when you live it. Ignoring the stares and cat calling from the people there, it was totally worth it.








Photography by: Subhrojit Dey




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