The Future Me

Girls with ambitions, opinions and a voice of their own are termed ‘modern’ and ‘too educated’ and ‘not in touch with their culture’. These girls are the brand new batch of ‘modern indian girls’ who are termed selfish and sadistic by the society, because they are conscious about their career choices more than their culinary skills.

These girls, are girls like me.

I have always maintained that this blog is close to my heart, and it’s not just about fashion. My blog and my posts reflect my soul. So, through this post, I am voicing my feelings and those of countless misunderstood girls around the world for whom having a voice equals to a crime punishable by death.

So, this is me, the future opinionated-unapologetic-independent future me.



Life is not meant to be spent with rules and routines. We all have the freedom to carve our own lives according to our rules. No matter how much life throws curveballs at us, our goal should be to be happy. The source of happiness, however, depends on each person.




More often, most of us end up being unsatisfied and unhappy because our happiness doesn’t lie in the rulebook of the society. More often, ‘log kya kahenge’ ends up making us frustrated with our own lives, instead of being happy in it.






So, for this post, I decided to title it with reference to the things I want from my life; the way I wish to see myself in the future. I have too suffered under the tremendous pressure to be a ‘perfect girl’ as dictated by society. And along the way of serving the ego of this patriarchal society, I had begun to lose myself.




But then, I have realised that I am in charge of my own happiness. I am in charge of how I want myself to be. Along the way of serving the ego of this patriarchal society, I had begun to lose myself.








I have started carving my own path to ‘happily ever after’. Have you?





Photography by: Subhrojit Dey

11 Comments on “The Future Me

  1. Very inspirational..n if this typs of blogs r read n d ideas r accptd by ppl den it cn lead to renessaince of devastating aspiration of being ‘mod’..😍


  2. You have the perfect aaj ki nari look , you and your accessories compliment each other .


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